Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting a False Ceiling Done

There are many things to consider before getting a false ceiling done in your house. It is worth taking note that house ceiling designs differ for every area of the house – whether it is a kitchen or a living room. Try installing unique designs for every area in order to make the whole aesthetic more visually pleasing. Aside from its unique designs, don’t forget that false ceilings or suspended ceilings also give your house a neater look.

Thinking of getting a false ceiling installation? Here are a few things to consider before you get started:

Easy installation

There is no doubt that Plaster of Paris (POP) is one of the best materials used for false ceilings, especially when creating beautiful and intricate ceiling designs. POP is considered a good material to use for new houses. However, using it for renovations can be a tough job as POP is quite messy to work with.

It is then more preferable to go for simple materials like gypsum board, wood, or any other materials that are easy and less tedious to install.



The height of the ceiling is very important before deciding on a specific ceiling type and design. If you are claustrophobic, then having a false ceiling installed might not be a good option for you. A false ceiling installation reduces the ceiling height to up to 12 ft., which then leads to a decrease in headroom.

Size and design

The false ceiling is considered a long-term job. Be sure to finalize on the design and size before starting any false ceiling installation. You can decide whether to have a full or partial ceiling coverage. The false ceiling cost depends on the type of design you’ve chosen and the size of the area that you want to cover.

As far as designs are concerned, you can go through various designer manuals or do a research on Google about some modern designs for your ceiling. Otherwise, you can also check out some designs from VM Ceiling. There are many basic designs – from Morrocan designs to geometrical and asymmetrical designs. After deciding on your overall design, you can then choose lights that will best suit your ceiling.


Gone are the days when homeowners went with the default white color for their ceilings. Nowadays, people are experimenting with a variety of colors and designs. You can use several shades of white, grey, and brown to create a classic home ceiling design. Just keep in mind that less is more. Don’t overdo the variety of colors that you use for your false ceiling. Choose colors wisely in order to give your area a more comfortable atmosphere.

Maintenance and future repairs

Before choosing the material to be used for your false ceiling, you must first understand the type of maintenance it requires. Though false ceilings do not necessarily require regular maintenance, remember to clean them with a sponge from time to time. Otherwise, dust will accumulate on the ceiling.

False ceilings may also eventually develop cavities, which may then become home to rodents, termites, and pests. Regular cleaning is important to keep your house free from pests, molds, and bacterial infections.



There may be times when you have to remove a part of the false ceiling during any modifications or repair of the underwiring. False ceilings are designed such that you do not have to dismantle the whole set up. What you need to do is either remove a part of the tile or just dismantle a small and certain area without breaking the complete ceiling.

It is then wise to carefully choose the type of false ceiling you want to get installed in order to avoid any damages due to minor repairs or fixing processes.


The cost of false ceiling installations largely depends on your budget. You can either choose to spend more money on materials, but you can also opt for more cost-effective ones like PVC Remember to consult your contractor about the types of materials, its prices, and any maintenance work necessary to get a better idea on the most suitable false ceiling type for your home or office.

Finally, it is important that you try to evaluate and go through every point with your contractor and designer. Do not hesitate to discuss any doubts or queries with your contractor. The more you discuss, the better outcome you’ll get.


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