Our Partition Wall Services:

1. Office Partitions

Whether you want to create a home office or just an additional space in the workplace, you may try office partitions. The partitions can be just to block out the sound of machinery or for warehouse functionalities. We provide clients with sound insulating and fireproof boards that can create a unique office wall.

We combine the partition walls with false ceiling to block and make it look realistic. If needed, we can sound proof the partition walls with rockwall to isolate sounds and create a  peaceful working area.

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2. Room Partitions at Home

Often, we find that our house lacks an extra bedroom or you would like to create a partition to separate the dining space. At VM False Ceiling Singapore, we have a team of expert designers to help you with your needs. We understand the subtlety of home design and recreate the house with simple wall partitioning. Our partitions are fire-proof, low maintenance, and extremely affordable.

3. Plaster Wall Repair

Your plaster partition wall may have suffered cracked, peeling paint or water damage. We also offer plaster wall repair services so that your wall looks good and new again.


4. Drywall Repair

Your drywall partition wall may have suffered the same issues with a plaster wall. It may have cracked, the paint is peeling or it has been damaged by water. We have been contracted for hundreds of drywall repair jobs over the years and there is no repair job too big or small for us.


In most residential areas, partition walls are erected mostly for room partitions. Here are some reasons for creating rooms with drywall partition.

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Dining Room Partition: New BTOs now do not have a partition to create a full dining room space. That doesn’t mean that a partition wall cannot make your dining room space beautiful. You can create a partial partition wall to set a boundary.


Bedroom Partition Wall: Partition walls are not only to section off rooms, it can also be a feature wall to give an accent to the room design.

Living Room Partition: Dividing the main entrance hallway from the dining space area, the partial partition wall makes for a feature wall design that is both functional and contemporary.


Room Partition: Whether it is to add a guestroom to lease out or for visiting friends and relatives, partition walls can be fully constructed to create a new room for any purpose.


In most commercial areas, partition walls can be erected for offices, restaurants, gyms to create designated spaces for specific purposes. Here are some reasons to create office partitions:

office partitions vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

Changing Room Partition: In a retail store or in a gym, you can create a section for changing rooms with drywall partitions.

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Pantry/Storeroom: Building a rest area for employees or a functional storeroom with drywall partition is an easy feat for us.


Meeting Room Partition: If there are rooms you want to specifically build as a meeting room, or soundproof partition walls, VM False Ceiling Singapore is confident in meeting your needs.

partition wall vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

Private Office Partition: Make more offices within the floor plan design to create private offices for your employees.

Why Build Partition Walls?

Partition walls are useful whether in residential or commercial estates. Partition Walls can be fully constructed to create rooms, or it can partially constructed to section off a space to define its boundary.

So what is Drywall partition?

Drywalls are partition walls that are made of enhanced gypsum plasterboards which can be used to create partitions. Various schools, offices, homes, hotels, hospitals, and industry use drywall partition to recreate the interiors.

When space is big enough, they can be artificially portioned to create sections. These partitions are made shift walls that typically last for a lifetime. The walls used are plaster walls, which are robust and strong enough to use unless the place is subject to modification or renovation.

Ten Benefits of drywall partition

  • Eco-friendly
  • Appealing
  • Lightweight
  • Sound insulator
  • Fire protection
  • Constructed quickly and easily
  • Can be sound absorbent
  • Cheaper than plaster walls
  • Easily repaired and need no skilled labour to fix in a house
  • Easy to paint and repaint

We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.

We offer various types of drywall partition

  • Interior partition
  • Drylining System
  • Wet area wall partition
  • Close office partition
  • Performance Drywall Partition
  • Plaster walls

We provide a complete range of drywall portioning that includes fixing and partitioning of walls using gypsum board and plasterboards. The boards are fire rated and sturdy.

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At VM Ceiling Singapore, we understand that each client has different requirements. We understand the demands of each project that needs a unique set of experience. We carefully follow the client’s approach and adopt proactive methods to meet their expectations. We are led by a team of expert contractors who know how to handle every situation with uniqueness and utmost care.

We collaborate through design

Our aim is to collaborate with our clients through designs. We create wall partition designs to project a special client-contractor relationship. We hold design workshops with our project team before they begin their work on a project site. This ensures that no design clashes with the previous ones and that every project produced is unique. By doing so, we do not face the same consequences that have been our point of the issue earlier. This way we guarantee smooth and seamless installations of drywall partition.

Expertise with Experienced

We do not take up a job unless we are sure about it. Our contractor team is a well-researched and experienced professional. We have an in-house designer who is rich in their expertise. They create unique designs in the whole of Singapore, which is essential for our clients.

In addition to the expert knowledge, we provide supreme quality raw materials that meet the aesthetic requirements of our clients. We provide guidance throughout the entire designing process. Our clients are encouraged to coordinate with our designers to create something innovative and unique. We do not hand over the project unless it is approved by our honorable clients.

Additionally, we are the top suppliers of commercial and residential drywall partitions in plasterboard and gypsum board. We provide our unique services to shopping malls, factories, hospitals, Offices, medical centers and various other industries.

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Partition Wall services that we offer:

You may contact us at our official contact number at +65 6797 8764 or Whatsapp us at +65 8241 0032. Our representatives and designing team will get back to you for a site visit and customary guidance.