When choosing a specific design for your living room, it’s always advisable to leave ample time to work on every single element that will influence its aesthetic and overall functionality. Most Singapore residents would first start with the color scheme on the walls. But many homeowners overlook important areas like false ceiling specifications. There are things like trim work, textures, and the ceiling itself that you should pay attention to. Stating a false ceiling project? Take note of these important tips when choosing a false ceiling for your living room:

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Consider ceiling height before you pick a design

False ceiling designs for living rooms will heavily depend on the height of the actual ceiling. High ceilings would require a more complicated design in order to make the space look filled up. Remember not to go for a simple false ceiling design if you find that your living room ceiling is too high. Surely, you wouldn’t want a false ceiling that looks empty and undecorated!

If you do happen to have a low living room ceiling, you wouldn’t need to go bold in this case. A simple false ceiling design would suffice. After all, you don’t need to be extravagant to achieve an elegant look.

false ceiling for living room vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

Consider the location and overall functionality

Unlike other parts of your unit, the living room is the epicenter for family gatherings. As it is where you entertain your guests, it is only essential for you to focus on its functionality. Choosing a ceiling design for your living room should also take into factors like the location of the installation. If the living room is located on the ground floor or in the basement, you should focus on making it mold and mildew proof. Equip it with grid and decorative penal to add a bit of charm.

Focus on details and specifications

While false ceilings will undoubtedly make your interiors more luxurious and appealing, don’t overlook tiny details that may affect its overall design. Even simple false ceiling designs for living room require strategic planning. You should plan to equip your ceiling with matching finishing accessories to offer it a more unique appeal. Many houses in Singapore are equipped with elegant coffered ceilings that give it a classic touch.

false ceiling designs for living room vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

Last but not the least, remember to work closely with your direct false ceiling contractor in order to achieve satisfactory results. It is best to engage with a trusted professional who will respectfully consider your own ideas and input.

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