Our False Ceiling Services:

Our false ceiling contractor services are available for Residential, Commercial and Maintenance jobs.

1. False Ceiling Repair

We repair services for existing false ceilings to restore to a pristine condition. Most people look for false ceiling repair when they face the following conditions:

• Patching back false ceiling after servicing storage water heater

• Repairing water damaged false ceiling

• Patching cracks in false ceiling

• Repair stains or discolouration in false ceiling

• Fix false ceiling with peeling paint


2. False Ceiling & Electrical Works

It is quite common to install false ceilings together with lighting installations. As a false ceiling contractor, it is within our basic capabilities to provide you this service. We can provide the electrical work together with the false ceiling installation when the homeowner provides the lights. Otherwise, you can also let us provide you with a 1-stop solution of designing and installing the full  false ceiling and lights package for you.

3. False Ceiling Design

Whether you have a design of your own in mind, or would like us to suggest false ceiling designs that best suit the dream aesthetic you are going for, we are able to draw up one with your floorplan in mind.

Abiding by HDB’s regulation of ceiling heights, you can be assured that our designs are both functional and artistic.

If you would like to see what false ceiling works we have done before, you may visit our projects portfolio.


4. Curtain and Aircon Pelmets 

Sometimes with the installation of false ceiling, curtain and aircon pelmets have to be taken into consideration. Pelmets are carved recesses in your false ceiling to demurely place your aircon and curtain rails in discreet places.

Aircon pelmets are usually preferred if the homeowners prefer the aircon units to be kept hidden to maintain a sleek, seamless design.

Curtain pelmets are more commonly installed as hiding unsightly curtain rails can both be aesthetically pleasing, and prevent more heat from seeping into the house.

What Is A False Ceiling?

False Ceiling is basically an additional ceiling. It is also called the drop-down ceiling. Most of the homes and offices are going ahead with this type of ceiling for extra lighting and beautification. Most homes and office buildings require good lighting, style and character which false ceilings can provide. False ceilings also help conceal electric wires from installing multiple LED lights or fancy light fixtures.




False ceiling is also used for cooling purposes. False ceilings save you from energy costs by giving you cool interiors. A false ceiling limits the space that is required for cooling. Thus, helping to reduce the frequency of using an air conditioner or fan. Additionally, it provides noise insulation, which is most needed in most commercial properties. Here is how our false ceiling services will benefit you in the long-run:

Benefits of False Ceiling Installation


1. Easy installation

Our team of professionals is well abreast of their work. They take charge of planning, designing, and installation process to make it comfortable for our clients. It can be custom built into various shapes and sizes with a smooth finish for painting or laminating. The installation process is super easy for a false ceiling contractor, and we can provide a false ceiling design that is fitted to suit your living space conditions.

2. Decorative Lighting

False Ceilings and Lighting go hand in hand, as they complement each other to create a design aesthetic and mood for your home. Whether it is to install a false ceiling that highlights a decorative hanging light fixture, or to install recessed downlights into the false ceiling for beautiful and optimal lighting; a false ceiling design works perfectly to illuminate your home in the right way.


3. Conceal Electrical Wiring

The false ceiling is a great way to hide wires, pipelines, vents, ducts and unpleasant sights. They are also used for installing the centralized air conditioning in offices while hiding away the water pipes and vents. This makes the interiors look neat and tidy without any worries of unpleasant sites.

4. Hassle-Free Repair

When a ceiling is damaged, it needs instant repairing. This may spoil the interiors and may require renovations after that. However, false ceilings are made up of specially designed lightweight materials. They are affordable to replace and does not involve any hassles. Our trained professionals will replace the damaged tile without mishandling the other parts of the ceiling.



4. Easy to access

When a false ceiling is damaged or you need to do some modifications such as electric socket insertion or establishing pipelines, the experts easily carry out the installation without breaking the whole ceiling. The false ceiling is easily accessible as they are tiled in different parts. Removing one tile gives access to a major part of the ceiling.

When you are hiring a false ceiling contractor, you have to first check their experience and the false ceiling Singapore price. We are pleased to deal with our clients in the most professional way. Not only the technicalities, as we also take care of designs as well. At VM false ceiling, we provide you with a team of highly skilled and experienced contractors. They fulfill your needs through their wisdom, lifetime experience, trending fashion and suiting your demands.

We use materials of top quality which is cut and shaped at our warehouse. We use stylish plasterboards, gypsum board ceiling, and lightweight material to recreate your house and offices.

Some FAQs About False Ceiling Installations

  1. What is the HDB regulation for false ceiling heights?

The height between the false ceiling and finished floor must be at least 2.4 metres. When a homeowner likes the idea of the false ceiling but still need to follow HDB regulations, there are always false ceiling designs we can incorporate that will provide character to the home, yet not compromise on functionality and rules & regulations.


  1. What materials do false ceiling use?

Typically, false ceilings are either made from gypsum board or plasterboard. Plasterboard is the least expensive option, although gypsum board is easier to install, and is moisture-resistant. The finished result from both plasterboard and gypsum board almost do not differ at all.


  1. Why should I install a false ceiling?

Most people like false ceiling installations because it gives the home a distinct characteristic with its shape, colour and types of lighting installed on it. In short, it can add colour, ambience and a definitive boundary to a living space. It also helps to conceal wiring that you may run across the house.


  1. Can you help me design a false ceiling that suits my home’s aesthetic?

Yes, certainly! We have false ceiling design consultants who will be happy to plan a layout for you based on your floorplan. You can make an appointment with us to set up a meeting to discuss and let us know if you have any false ceiling designs in mind. We also provide renovation packages if you are looking for direct contractors who can provide the solutions to a design you already have in mind.


You would probably save up to 30% from middleman fees and another 20% from some home accessories like taps, basin cabinets, lights, aircons and more as we also can supply & install those for you.


  1. How long will false ceiling installation take?

Depending on the extent of the services and area the false ceiling works require, it will take anywhere from 1 – 3 days.

For example, our false ceiling and electrical works package for 2 rooms only takes 5 days.


Why Choose VM False Ceiling Services

We are the perfect middleground between false ceiling contractors and interior designers. We can help you create a beautiful renovation package revolving around your home or office aesthetic with our false ceiling designs. With that, you save even more contacting us as a direct contractor for our services.

A false move or a poor decision can ruin the interior of a house. Thus, it is really important that the renovation designs and building works are left to the professional experts. Our company, VM False Ceiling Singapore, is a false ceiling contractor that deals with all jobs big or small – Feel free to contact us for false ceiling services dealing with installation, renovation, planning, and refurbishment of false ceiling and designing.

Our false ceiling services include the following:

  • Residential
    We provide false ceiling services to the residential buildings and private homes. We give the perfect finishing as per the client’s demand.
  • Industrial
    We provide false ceiling services throughout the industrial complexes in Singapore. Whether it is an office or a commercial building, we are equipped with the best quality materials to fulfill all types of designs.
  • Maintenance
    Our team is highly skilled experts. They are well equipped to carry out maintenance and repairs for all types of false ceiling.

We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.

We use only experienced and highly skilled experts and ensure quality workmanship

Our team is made up of highly skilled experts. They are well equipped to carry out maintenance and repairs for all types of false ceiling.

We also deal in various types of the false ceiling;

  • Ceiling Grid
  • Suspended ceiling
  • Gypsum board ceiling
  • Plasterboard ceiling
  • Drop Ceiling

False Ceiling services that we offer:

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