While most young homeowners are mostly concerned with interiors nowadays, one term that remains unfamiliar to many is pelmets.

For starters, a pelmet is a wooden fixture constructed above a window or part of a wall. Despite it adding an aesthetic appeal to most homes, it is used mostly for its functionality. They are installed either to hide curtain rails or support air conditioner units.

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The small capping at the top of the door or window will prevent heat and light from entering the room, hence leaving the homeowner more control over the amount of sunlight in the area.

Like false ceilings and partition walls, there are also several benefits of installing a pelmet in your home:

Offers a completed look to windows

When it comes to providing a completed look to your windows, pelmets are the perfect addition. Pelmets would cover the whole curtain rail and as no rail will be exposed at the top of the window, it would give a neat streamlined look. Most homeowners have a habit of wrapping pelmets in the same fabric used to prepare the blinds and curtain in order to complement the theme. That’s how you can get perfectly furnished windows in your house. Working with an experienced contractor will also greatly contribute to how your pelmet will look like.

Stops unwanted light from entering your rooms

People usually install blinds and curtain over the windows to have some privacy and prevent exterior light from entering their property. Even though you are using curtains or blinds prepared from high-quality fabric, there will be a gap left at the top where light can pass easily. With a curtain pelmet, you can both stop light from entering and maintain privacy inside your home.

aircon pelmet vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

Offers added insulation for homes

Now that you’ve heard of curtain pelmets, it’s time to introduce another common installation constructed in Singapore homes – aircon pelmets. Several homeowners are opting for an aircon pelmet in their property in order to maintain good air circulation in the room. With an aircon pelmet, the air coming from the aircon unit might be too close to the false ceiling, which in turn might affect the air flow. Additionally, as curtain pelmets prevent sunlight from entering the room, cool temperature levels will be maintained.

pelmet vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

Pelmets as an aesthetic choice

Now that we’ve discussed its functionality, it’s time to learn more about pelmets as an aesthetic choice. While it is common knowledge that light fixtures are typically installed in false ceilings, it is now possible to add a bit of mood lighting in the room with window pelmets.

window pelmets vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

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