Seven Reasons to Choose a False Ceiling For your home in Singapore

People nowadays are often opting for intricate ceiling decorations in order to amplify their house. However, false ceilings can also be mostly found in offices in order to enhance the ambiance of the area.

A false ceiling, also known as the dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling, is a secondary ceiling that covers up all the unpleasant sites of open wires, pipelines, ducts, or vents.


False ceilings remain a crucial part of a home renovation, especially in Singapore HDBs. Not only does it completely change the interior of an area, but it is also a cost-effective method to cover electrical wirings.

Looking to install a false ceiling? Here are 7 benefits of choosing a false ceiling for your home in Singapore:

  1. It gives a cooling effect

With Singapore being a tropical country, houses tend to require air conditioning. However, as electricity bill rises, one way to make a house cooler is to install a false ceiling. False ceilings keep your house cooler by limiting the area that needs air-conditioning. Not only does it act as a thermal insulator for your house, but it also helps you save money in the long-run.

  1. It is easy to install

If you are worried about the installation procedure, then stay relaxes. False ceiling installation is the easiest and cheapest way to renovate your house. Whichever false ceiling design you choose, a good contractor will do a hassle-free installation within a week. The false ceiling is a quick fix for all renovation procedure.

  1. Cost-effective

The false ceiling is perhaps the most affordable and cost-effective way of hiding any flaws in your house. Whether it is a wiring work, an unpleasant site of ducts, and central conditioning pipelines, you can get all of them covered with a false ceiling. The false ceiling is done by using thermal, wood, glasses, PVC, clothes and many such materials. More sophisticated and intricate false ceiling designs are also available as a more expensive option.

  1. Conceals the wiring work

Indeed, the sight of wires visibly hanging from ceilings is commonly unpleasant. As mentioned, a false ceiling is a great way to conceal every inch of wire hanging in your house. Additionally, installing a false ceiling also makes all mechanical systems of the house easily accessible.


  1. Sound and fire insulator

People living in a residential building tend to experience noise from the floor above. As such, installing a false ceiling is often necessary in order to maintain a more peaceful home and to reduce the noise coming from upstairs. If you choose to install drywall partitions along with a false ceiling, you will not get disturbed by any construction noise from any nearby rooms.

Additionally, false ceilings are also great fire insulators as most of the materials used can resist fire up to one hour. This leaves enough time for evacuation and for you to save your important belongings.

  1. Moisture resistant

Unless you use wooden false ceiling design, the rest of the materials used in false ceilings are highly moisture resistant. In fact, false ceilings are specially approved for areas with high moisture content in the atmosphere. This makes false ceilings ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Don’t worry, as any fungus and mold growing on the ceiling can also be easily cleaned and scrubbed!

  1. Revamps the room

The visual look of your false ceiling usually depends on the creativity of your designer and of course, your own personal preference. To give a more sophisticated design, you can mix and match materials to create a lucrative look. Designing a false ceiling can be likened to drawing on a blank canvas as it requires your own imagination and creativity. Some examples of false ceiling projects involve a full-wall ceiling or a geometrical design.

Constructing a false ceiling isn’t considered a very tedious job, but it does require certain expertise and professionalism. Be cautious when choosing the materials and before working with any contractors. How your false ceiling turns out highly depends on the contractor you choose. They have to reach a certain level of competency and are equipped with all the necessary tools to carry out the construction of the false ceiling.

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