Five False Ceiling Tips for Your Home

Nowadays, rising urban offices and homes have been adopting the false ceiling concept. In fact, is almost impossible to find places where there is no false ceiling in Singapore. One of the main reasons behind this is its aesthetic advantage that beautifies every room. False ceilings cover wires, pipelines, ducts, and vents, which would be often deemed an unpleasant sight.

Apart from covering certain flaws of a room, false ceilings are also great for decorative lighting installations, that can be arranged using unique designs. Finally, false ceilings enhance the look of a room and brighten up the ambiance.


New buildings and houses may already have false ceilings installed by default, but older buildings do not. If you want to redo your house you may contact a plaster ceiling contractor in Singapore. The best technique to be done for false ceiling installation would be the drywall plastering technique. The method is amazing as it gives a distinctive touch similar to an original ceiling.

Drywall false ceiling prices are affordable and do not take much time for installation. Once you finalize with the contractor, they get to work on the designing, planning, and installation process. The false ceiling is known not only for its unique designs but also for moisture retention properties. These types of ceilings are mold resistant and best for highly humid areas where infections and bacteria instantly spread.


Here are five tips that you should follow before any false ceiling installations:

  1. Make your room stand out

Constructing a false ceiling is an inexpensive way to liven up your space. Whether it is an office, a bedroom, or your living room, you cannot go wrong with a drywall ceiling. The best way to get it done is by hiring the best plaster ceiling contractor in Singapore.  Moreover, the false ceiling does not require you to knock the whole ceiling down in order to install additional lighting. You can also add extra lamps or use other materials like glass or fiber to liven up your room.


  1. Gives the roof a wonderful effect

Plaster ceiling or drywall false ceiling is a great way to decorate any ceiling. Enhance the aesthetic of your roof by working with an experienced designer. You can even apply several layers of paints and other lucrative materials to the ceiling to create any desired effect. However, whatever material you use, always remember to have a concrete board planted on your ceiling that will put together every other material you use.

  1. Plan the colors and lights

While installing drywall false ceiling in Singapore, designers use clear lights in certain portions of the ceiling for a visual effect. Not only does this brighten up the room, but it makes the ceiling look bigger. Guests will find it hard not to catch a glimpse at your beautiful ceiling! Additionally, it neither requires much time to install nor does it cost much. Thus, it is advised to plan the ceiling design before you carry out the installation.



  1. Use drywall on the sides to support the false ceiling

The best way of giving an aesthetic look to the false ceiling is to have drywall on both of its sides. Creating a symmetry drywall with the suspended ceiling gives a very harmonic effect to the interiors. It is a very classic way to beautify the ambiance of a room. If you are creative and daring, you may even try some more lucrative designs and play with the suspended ceiling and dry walls.

  1. Circular shapes

Drywalls are flexible, hence it can be formed into any shape. This is why clients are recommended to decide on the design first before starting the installation. Go for circular shapes and interesting designs.

Additionally, if you want to hang something heavy to the false ceiling, such as a chandelier; ensure that you have a sturdy hook attached to the original wall. You need to check that everything, including the rod of a ceiling fan, is connected with the original wall and does not put much pressure on the false ceiling.

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