The interior of any space plays a very important role when it comes to elevating the value of your commercial or residential property. That’s why don’t mind investing some hard-earned cash on interior designers. A little goes a long way when you engage in the services of trusted professionals. However, many home installations go through the usual wear-and-tear, making false ceiling repair and replacement works necessary.

Like any kind of false ceiling works, hiring an experienced contractor is one of the main essential factors needed to fix a damaged false ceiling. Take a look at other important points to consider when faced with such a repair problem.

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What to do if your false ceiling is damaged?

Having spent a considerable amount of money on your false ceiling installation, it can be quite frustrating to find out that what was once an aesthetically pleasing part of your interiors now has a clearly visible damage.

While it is tempting to delve straight into DIY works, it is highly advisable to call a trusted ceiling repair service in order to assess the damage. Remember not to delay calling a professional as such damages would require immediate repair.

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What can be the causes of false ceiling damage?

There’s plenty of factors leading to false ceiling damage in homes or offices. Read some of them below:

  • Improper installation

A number of HDB flat owners in Singapore would prefer to choose more affordable false ceiling installation services to meet their budget. However, such risky decisions would lead to even more expenses in the future when such installation requires a false ceiling repair. Be careful when engaging with such contractors, you don’t want your false ceiling to collapse all of a sudden.

  • Water damage

Poorly installed false ceilings can also lead to water leakages and eventual damage. A good contractor should advise you on the necessary works to be done to waterproof your false ceiling. This would prevent costly plaster ceiling repair services in the future.

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  • Improper installation of electrical works

Just like water leaks, improper installation of electrical works can damage false ceilings. A careless electrician would mindlessly install light fixtures without considering the structure of the false ceiling. Worse, they would meddle with the wiring works concealed inside the ceiling.

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