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HDB False Ceiling Ideas For Your Flat

People invest a considerable amount of money and put a lot of thoughts into improving their home’s interior. Your home’s interior makes your house guests fall in love with its aesthetic and feel welcomed. Part of the home design includes buying high-quality furniture, decorating the walls, and install some expensive decorative pieces in your house but it won’t look completely unique and impressive until you don’t equip the interior with a stylish false ceiling design. It completes the interior charm of your property. That’s why you must choose a perfect HDB false ceiling design to make your interior look unique and quite attractive.

These are some great false ceiling ideas to consider now:


False Ceiling With Cove Lighting On The Sides:

simple false ceiling designs for living room vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

Also known as cove ceilings, it is a very popular trend nowadays. It requires installing the gypsum board false ceiling in the whole room with grooves at the ends. There you can install LED lights to illuminate the walls and ceiling. Homeowners usually opt for this false ceiling HDB design because of its classical and easily maintained design. This false ceiling design assures that every corner of the space will be illuminated. This false ceiling design is also commonly installed as a living room ceiling. lighting will be sharp and glaring. Each decorative element in your room will look perfect with this design.


Island False Ceiling with Cove Lighting:



This island false ceiling is also the next popular choice, especially for the dining room or an entertainment room. Compared to the living room false ceiling, it provides a warmer and cosier illumination to the space to exude comfort. But you can apply this design to decorate any room in your house as you see fit. You can make it look more beautiful by installing some downlights in the neighbouring area to spotlight something on display in this space.


Tray False ceiling:

false ceiling designs for living room vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

It is another very popular false ceiling design which is easy to install and which offers a very stylish appeal to the interior. Usually combining the use of cove lighting and downlights, it is a great way to style up a room without the need for expensive or designer furniture to make the interior look impressive. The tray false ceiling is enough to make the whole room look chic and attractive.


L Box False Ceiling


l box vm false ceiling partition wall singapore

Similar to the tray false ceiling, except, it is more like a false ceiling feature, than an actual false ceiling. An L-Box Ceiling can be installed on your original ceiling, and it if a great choice if you do not want to exceed your HDB flat’s ceiling height. This false ceiling HDB design is very simple to execute at the most cost-effective price.

While all of these false ceiling ideas are impressive, trending, and perfect for HDB properties, it is best to seek a false ceiling contractor and designer to help you with the design, planning and false ceiling installation. Let VM Ceiling handle this job for you, no job is too big or too small for us to handle. It can provide exceptional solutions with many great false ceiling ideas for your home.


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