Common False Ceiling Problems That You Can Avoid

False ceiling options remain to be a popular option for most homeowners these days because of its appeal and ability to beautify a place. For those who are not familiar with what a false ceiling is, it is a suspended ceiling that covers all faulty sites of open wires and pipelines. However, one might ask, is false ceiling safe? Many experts sometimes reveal that false ceilings have more disadvantages than its benefits.

In the early days, ceilings used to be high and inaccessible. However, the excessive use of air conditioning and heavy-duty lighting has popularized the use of the false ceiling. Only commercial offices used to have false ceilings, but now it can be seen in most homes as well. Additionally, false ceiling contractors are also now making use of more lucrative designs to enhance its attractiveness.

Though it is an undeniable fact that false ceilings add appeal to your home’s overall interior design, it also involves numerous risks. Do keep in mind that these risks can be avoided when installation is done by a professional false ceiling contractor like VM Ceiling.


It may get claustrophobic

Construction of a ceiling panel usually causes the height of ceilings to decrease from 12 feet to 10 feet or lesser. With a lower ceiling panel, the false ceiling is brought within touching distance. This results in a more closed area with less space for air circulation.

Houses with high ceilings are usually deemed more comfortable in all types of weather because the large space enabled better cross-ventilation. With air conditioners being widely used these days, the need for cross-ventilation has decreased, which has made rooms less airy.

Experts say that false ceilings tend to make air conditioners more efficient as it can also contribute to reduced energy costs. However, bigger windows and skylights make the room bigger and airy, which is more desirable to claustrophobics.


Overhead trouble

Unprofessional false ceiling contractors poorly affect installations as well. Poor construction and use of substandard material often lead to mishaps as the false ceiling might fall on someone’s head and cause a major accident. Reckless use of false ceiling in residential and commercial buildings may also lead to accidents. Since it is often a challenge to clean cavities, it may become home to insects and rodents, which can result in damages in the false ceiling. Additionally, it is also difficult to check for leaks and cracks in the false ceiling, which is why it is important to contact experienced false ceiling contractors for installation.

Requires maintenance

The false ceiling is just a suspended ceiling that is extended from the main ceiling. With heavy lightings and wiring installed and hidden in the false ceiling, it becomes absolutely necessary to do regular cleaning. If the materials used for the ceiling are lightweight and are not sturdy, they may end up sagging due to the weight of the hidden ducts and wires.

If you are using wooden or metal false ceiling, there might be issues regarding moisture collection. The wooden false ceiling may catch termites, while the metal ones may rot. Moreover, the ceilings get decolored and stained after a few years and need to be cleaned at regular intervals. The maintenance task may become a heck of a job and can be difficult at times.


Prone to natural calamities

The false ceiling is not concrete ceilings like the traditional ones. They are crafted on ceiling panels, which are attached to the main ceiling with screws and rods. During earthquakes, they may become unstable and even collapse when the ground starts to shake. The installed fixtures on the ceiling might also loosen up and move over time due to poor installation, which then eventually break the false ceiling.

Plug in the gaps

The hidden gaps in the false ceiling are often prone to uninvited guests such as parasites, cockroaches, and other fungal activity. It may lead to mold cultivation as well. If not maintained, the room may start stinging. Thus, it becomes necessary to clean the plug-in gaps from time to time, which is often tedious.

Despite these common false ceiling problems, most homeowners still opt for its construction because of its aesthetic appeal, which affects the overall feel of your room. Before carrying out any false ceiling installations, just make sure that the room has good ventilation and that the whole ceiling is not entirely covered with boards. With wise use of materials and a good false ceiling contractor, you can overcome some of these problems with ease. Finally, always ensure that you are using high-quality gypsum board or Plaster ceilings that are easy to clean and withstand minimal shakes.


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